7 Defensive Driving Tips for Safe Thanksgiving Travels

The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, and that means about 45 million Americans will be traveling this weekend. While just over 3 million people are expected to be flying, more than 42 million people will be hitting the roads to get to their to Thanksgiving...

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4 Steps to Winterizing Your Vehicle

The harsh cold and wet conditions of winter can change the way your vehicle handles and operates. It can also put a lot of extra strain on some of the most vital components of your vehicle, including the tires, brakes and engine. If you rely on your vehicle to get to...

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4 Things You Should NOT Do After an Auto Accident

You never plan to get into a traffic accident. Making a plan for what you should and should not do following a collision, however, is important to be ready to protect your rights to compensation after a negligent driver hits you. So, here’s what you should know in...

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