The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us, and that means about 45 million Americans will be traveling this weekend. While just over 3 million people are expected to be flying, more than 42 million people will be hitting the roads to get to their to Thanksgiving destination.1

If you will be one of these travelers, here are some essential defensive driving tips to keep in mind so that you get to and from your Thanksgiving destination safely:

  1. Obey the traffic laws – Simple yet effective, just following the traffic laws can keep you where other drivers expect you to be, and it can keep you off of law enforcement officials’ radars (as there are heightened DUI enforcement efforts being conducted throughout Colorado this weekend).2
  2. Don’t expect other motorists to look out for you – In fact, expect that other motorists will not yield to you, will not let you pass, and will not follow traffic laws. Anticipating careless or reckless actions from other drivers can prepare you to immediately react if or when another driver makes a dangerous move that could cause a traffic collision.
  3. Drive sober – Drunk driving increases your risk of a traffic accident by at least four times. It can also get you arrested. So, don’t do it.
  4. Pay attention to the road at all times – Distracted driving, especially in the adverse conditions of winter, can be a deadly mistake. So, put down the phone and avoid other distractions. Stay focused on the road so you are constantly alert and responsive to your driving environment.
  5. Get plenty of rest before hitting the road – Fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. So make sure you only take off when you are rested and ready to stay focused.
  6. Buckle up – Wearing a seat belt is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of an accident or injury if a crash happens.
  7. Check the weather before leaving – Freezing rain and/or snow can make the driving conditions tough. So, try to plan your trip or route around areas expected to get adverse weather.

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____________________________________ 1: According to AAA
2: CDOT’s Report on the 2015 Thanksgiving DUI enforcement plans for Colorado law enforcement authorities