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Anyone who has ever seen an 18-wheeler accident knows that these collisions are the very worst on the road with absolutely horrific levels of damage, destruction, and injury. The sheer magnitude and weight of these vehicles is a recipe for disaster when drivers lose control, leaving other drivers, pedestrians, and property owners in the hands of luck and fate to avoid painful collision and crashes. Because thousands of semis crisscross our Colorado highways every day, 18-wheeler accidents are unfortunately common – all it takes is a few seconds of carelessness, or the driver being fatigued and/or distracted.

Even if the driver is well trained, attentive, and alert, a mechanical failure in the truck can put the situation out of the driver’s control. Regular safety checks are required by law, but that doesn’t mean that all business follow the regulation. At the Klibaner Law Firm, our lawyers help families recover compensation for the loss of loved ones due to trucking accidents. We also represent people who have been injured in devastating tractor-trailer collisions.

Our attorneys help the victims of truck accidents recover damages for a variety of injuries, including:

  • Internal trauma – Internal bleeding as a result of a crash is common and can complicate daily life for victims.
  • Paraplegia – A severe injury to the spinal cord, or legs, can render a victim unable to walk for the rest of their lives, leaving them at the mercy of a wheelchair.
  • Permanent disability – Some victims never recover from their trucking accident injuries in Colorado and must face the rest of their lives with reduced physical, emotional, or mental functionality and capability.
  • Paralysis – Extreme muscle, ligament, and/or nerve damage may leave victims unable to use their extremities for varying lengths of time.
  • Spinal cord injury – Often a partner and source of paralysis and paraplegia
  • Traumatic brain injury – Severe injury to the skull can result in reduced cognitive function, reducing quality of life; this may be permanent.
  • Amputation – Depending on the impact and crash, hands, feet, and/or limbs can be severed and lost; additionally, extreme damage to these areas may later need amputation as they will never heal properly.
  • Quadriplegia – One of the worst fates a victim can suffer, they cannot use their arms or legs, potentially for the rest of their days.
  • Concussion – What may seem a slightly-more-aggressive knock on the head can quickly turn into bigger issues down the line. Headaches, uncontrollable emotions and mood swings, and more are possible results of concussions.
  • Fractures – A simple broken arm, or leg, can keep a victim out of work for weeks, causing a loss of income if the fracture keeps them out of work longer than vacation, or sick time, can cover.

Semi accidents are complex because they usually involve multiple parties and companies from all over the country, muddling the details and obfuscating clarity to understand the facts and truth. Sometimes, it is necessary to sue the driver, carrier, and insurer in a single lawsuit. You need an attorney with years of detailed knowledge regarding Colorado trucking laws to obtain successful settlements and jury awards for our clients in this complicated area of law, and the Kilbaner Law Firm has you covered.

Common Causes of Semi Accidents in Colorado

Although there are a lot of reasons why semi-trucks crash, many occur because trucking companies push their drivers too hard, resulting in driving on too few hours of sleep, and potentially sickness. Of course, most truck drivers are responsible and careful when they are on the road. Too often, however, the pressure of making timely deliveries leads to careless mistakes to make up for lost time that causes injuries and death to both drivers and other motorists. When profits come before safety, no one wins; in fact, the resulting lawsuits will almost always outweigh the cost of pursuing profits.

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a leading cause of fatal truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has hours-of-services rules that limit the amount time drivers can be on the road. Unfortunately, many truck companies pressure their drivers to exceed these limits. It is often said that driving under moderate to extreme fatigue is as detrimental as driving with a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Excessive Speeding

Just as it takes semis longer to accelerate, it takes them longer to slow down. The push to work long hours and make numerous deliveries causes many drivers to drive too fast. When an 80,000-pound truck travels at excessive speeds, they cannot break in time to avoid a collision, and as a result, tragedies happen.

Driver Distraction

Truckers spend a great deal of time in their vehicles. For many, the truck cab is a mobile office, bedroom, and lounge. As a result, the line between work and leisure is often blurred. Far too many drivers engage in unsafe practices on the road, such as texting, posting on social media, and even watching television in an effort to pass the time relying on their overconfidence and training – ignoring the fact that they were trained specifically not to distract themselves.

Poor Maintenance and Inadequate Driver Training

Many businesses cut corners to save money. When truck carriers skimp on mandatory safety checks and routine maintenance, cutting corners costs lives. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates regular maintenance and equipment checks. The government also requires carriers to properly train their drivers.

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