The recent deaths of two Denver musicians have rocked the community, leaving fans and families grieving. Weeks ago, a fatal car crash occurred near South Colorado Boulevard and East Mexico Avenue, killing a 43-year-old man instantly and causing a 29-year-old man to suffer catastrophic injuries that ultimately proved to be fatal at the hospital.

According to witnesses, the collision occurred when a black SUV traveling about 70 to 80 mph smashed into a red light in a Pontiac Vibe that was parked.

Following the crash, the driver of the other vehicle, a 55-year-old man, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and he was charged with DUI and vehicular homicide.  While it remains to be seen whether the man will be convicted of the criminal offenses, it’s also unclear at this time whether the musicians’ families will pursue a wrongful death civil suit.

How Alcohol Impairs Driving Abilities 

This tragic fatal crash highlights the terrible impacts that can result from drunk driving. And while it’s likely not news to you that drunk driving can have deadly outcomes, understanding precisely how alcohol can impair your driving abilities can really cement the point.

So, to support this understanding, here’s a look at how alcohol impairment can impact driving abilities.

When drivers are drunk, they are experience:

  • Impaired vision,  including blurry vision and difficulty identifying important driving cues (like brake lights, for instance)
  • Impaired hearing, with difficulty in identifying sounds and where they are coming from
  • Slower reaction times
  • Reduced alertness and concentration
  • Drowsiness, with an increased likelihood of falling asleep at the wheel
  • Difficulties at managing the multiple tasks necessary to drive safely, such as checking mirrors and blind spots while maintaining a course
  • Judgment impairments, which can increase the risk that drunk drivers may speed, run red lights or violate other traffic laws – Some studies have indicated that judgment impairments due to alcohol can arise at BACs as low as 0.02.

What Can I do if a Drunk Driver Hit Me?

Contact the police if the accident has not yet been reported and, after it has, contact an experienced lawyer – like a Denver car accident attorney at the Klibaner Law Kirm.

If an impaired motorist hits you, that driver will likely be liable for compensating you for your crash-related injuries and losses.

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