How to Handle Your Insurance Company after an Accident

The Importance of Contacting a Personal Injury Attorney First

The first days and weeks after a car accident or any other type of personal injury can be confusing and overwhelming. Before you contact your insurance company, it’s a good idea to speak to an experienced personal injury attorney first. Although insurers promise to be “good neighbors” and “on your side”, they are large corporations interested in making money like any other business. Your lawyer can help you understand your rights and protect your interests.

Be Wary of Speaking to Insurance Adjusters

After an accident, it’s common for insurance companies to call the policyholder or even send an adjuster to the scene. If possible, meet with your attorney before agreeing to speak to the insurance company’s adjuster. Although these adjusters may seem very friendly and concerned for your well-being, they work for insurance companies, and they are interested in uncovering evidence and facts that minimize your claim against their employers.

Adjusters are trained to collect information for insurance companies. Many large insurers are known for dispatching adjusters to policyholders’ homes. Once there, these adjusters question the policyholder about the accident and act sympathetic about any injuries or damages. When you’re hurt and reeling from an unexpected accident, it’s easy to divulge details to a sympathetic ear. In reality, these tactics are designed to prompt policyholders to make admissions about the extent and severity of their injuries that can be used against them down the road. Adjusters may even extend settlement offers worth thousands of dollars less than what the policyholder truly deserves. Insurance companies know this, which is why they try to get involved early, before the policyholder has an opportunity to speak with an attorney.

Reporting the Accident to Your Insurer: Keep It Simple

When you report your accident to your insurance company, keep your report simple and factual. You should always be polite, but don’t allow your insurer’s representative to pump you for information or pressure you into making detailed statements or admissions. You should also avoid speculating about the severity or extent of your injuries. Your report should be basic and include the following:

  • You had an accident
  • Your property was damaged
  • You sustained injuries
  • You exchanged insurance information with the other individual

Finally, keep in mind that some injuries take time to show symptoms. When you’re at the scene of a car crash or other accident, adrenaline and high emotions can prevent you from feeling certain injuries. Don’t assume that you were not injured in the accident. If you don’t feel any injuries when you talk to your insurer, it’s best to state that you don’t know if you were injured rather than to say you were not injured.

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