Common Supermarket Injury Hazards

According to statistics published by the Food Marketing Institute, the supermarket industry generates over $620 billion each year. With so many Americans visiting supermarkets on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that supermarket injuries are an unfortunately common occurrence.

Modern grocery stores, which feature expansive layouts and numerous products in a variety of sizes, present consumers with several potential hazards. Whether you’re shopping at your local supermarket or a national warehouse club, knowing what to watch out for can help you avoid a serious injury.

Spilled Liquids

Most people are well aware that spills in grocery store aisles pose a serious threat to shopper safety. Supermarkets must maintain their premises in a safe condition. When they fail to post warning signs and neglect to mop up spilled water, milk, and other liquids, guests can fall and sustain serious injuries. In the winter months, wet slush and ice can also accumulate around entrances and exits. Shoppers can slip on puddles and trip over wet entryway rugs.

Overstocked Shelves

Unless you’re visiting a small specialty store, you’re likely to purchase most of your staple grocery items from a large, well-stocked supermarket. Modern supermarkets and big box retailers carry thousands of products. Because they serve such a high volume of customers each day, they tend to stock shelves with an abundance of items to meet ongoing demand. Furthermore, many warehouse retailers and other large stores keep overflow stock on their upper shelves. As customers sift through boxes, produce, heavy jars, and other stock, items can become loose and dislodged. Overstocked and improperly stocked shelves can tip over or spill their contents from a great height, resulting in serious injuries.

Parking Lot Hazards

Supermarket parking lots are generally quite busy, especially during the holidays. Sometimes, simply navigating a bustling supermarket parking lot can expose a motorist or pedestrian to potential injuries. In rainy or snowy conditions, large expanses of concrete and asphalt can become wet and slippery. Additionally, supermarket parking lots that are poorly maintained can become riddled with potholes and cracked pavement. Customers who slip, trip, and fall on these hard surfaces can sustain a variety of injuries, including fractures, concussions, and neck and back injuries.

Denver, Colorado Slip and Fall Lawyers

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