Here are a few common ways that insurers may try to wrongly deny auto accident claims, a Denver car accident lawyer explains. Contact us for help getting the compensation you deserve.

Here are a few common ways that insurers may try to wrongly deny auto accident claims, a Denver car accident lawyer explains. Contact us for help getting the compensation you deserve.

Just because you have auto insurance does not mean that you can rely on the insurance company to honor a valid claim against that policy later. In fact, it is not uncommon for insurers to use questionable tactics to try to avoid paying out on auto claims in an attempt to protect the company’s interests and profits. In some cases, this can result in wrongful denials of claims, potentially costing injured people more time, money and unneeded stress.

This can be especially problematic following car accidents that involve more serious injuries and/or expensive property damage, as it can add to victims’ financial stresses.

While of this may be frustrating to take in, the good news is that there may be options for fighting back, defending policyholders’ rights and protecting their interests so that they can get the compensation deserved. The best way to do this is to contact an attorney, and we have pointed out some of the instances when it’s important to contact a lawyer below.

Contact a Lawyer If You Experience One of These Situations with an Insurer

In attempting to deny auto collision claims, insurance providers may try to claim that:

  1. Your policy has lapsed or does not cover that type of claim – It is not uncommon for insurers to make mistakes or sometimes intentionally change policies without policyholders knowing in order to avoid paying their claims.

    This illegal practice is called post-claim underwriting. So, if you have been paying your premiums and you have never been notified that your auto policy has been canceled or changed, talk to a lawyer if your claim is denied. Bad faith insurance may be at play.

  2. You caused the accident – In some cases, insurance providers may rely on unconventional investigation techniques or unqualified “experts” to conduct investigations into the causes of an auto accident associated with a given claim. This may allow them to (possibly wrongly) determine that you were primarily at fault for the accident and, in turn, deny your claim.

    If the auto accident claim investigation is taking a long time, really suspiciously unconventional and/or is possibly not even including evidence you may have (such as your accident-related pictures and witness testimony), again, contact an attorney.

  3. Your injuries or the damage was not caused by the accident – Depending on how soon after an accident a claim is filed with an insurer, this may be another argument used to try to justify the denial of a claim.

    For instance, if there was at least a week that passed between the collision and the report to the insurer, the company may try to argue that the injuries and/or property damage sustained was the result of some subsequent incident, not the traffic accident. Again, don’t accept this type of denial if you have accident related damage. Instead, contact a lawyer.

When a valid car accident claim has been wrongly denied, policyholders can appeal the decision. If bad faith insurance practices were involved in wrongful denial, policyholders may also be able to sue insurers for bad faith and secure compensation for their losses.

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