Filing a personal injury case can be an effective way to obtain justice – and a financial recovery – after being harmed by some other party’s negligence.  As you prepare to file a case (and once your case has been filed), however, what you do can impact the strength of your case and may even jeopardize your claim.

To help you avoid some of these missteps, below are some common mistakes to avoid making when preparing for and filing personal injury cases.

Don’t Make these Mistakes with Your Personal Injury Case…

Mistake 1 – Not seeing a doctor or following doctors’ orders after the accident.

When pursuing a personal injury case, avoid these mistakes to avoid weakening your case and possibly devaluing it, a Denver personal injury attorney explains.

When pursuing a personal injury case, avoid these mistakes to avoid weakening your case and possibly devaluing it, a Denver personal injury attorney explains.

Putting off seeing a doctor for too long can complicate a personal injury case because it can throw the extent and severity of your injuries into question.

For instance, if you were in a car accident and waited a while to see a doctor, an insurance company may try to argue that certain injuries may have been caused by other incidents (that occurred after the collision but before you saw a doctor).

Similarly, not following doctors’ orders can be used against you to contend that you were not as badly hurt as you have alleged in a personal injury case (because, the argument goes, you would have followed doctors’ orders if you were that badly injured). This could end up reducing the value of your case.

Mistake 2 – Getting rid of important evidence too soon.

Just keep as much as you are able to when it comes to things – like clothing, pictures, documents, bills, etc. – related to the accident. Don’t throw anything away until you consult a lawyer.

Tossing out these things may be throwing away important evidence to your case. While items like documents or bills can be retrievable, photos or certain other items can be lost forever, potentially impacting your case.

Mistake 3 – Sharing too many details about your accident, injuries and/or case with others.

As you recover from an accident and move forward with a personal injury case, it can be tempting to want to share your story and get some support from others. Do your best, however, to not overshare information about your accident, injuries and case with:

  • Insurance companies, as they are not on your side
  • Online connections, as it may be possible for online posts (such as those on social media) to be used against you later
  • Too many other people, as they could also be called as witnesses against you (particularly if your “sharing” involves admissions of fault in an accident, for instance).

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