What to Do after a Slip and Fall Accident

What you do after a slip and fall accident can be pivotal to your financial recovery later. This is because the steps that you take after these accidents can help you start gathering important evidence that may be vital to proving negligence and building you the strongest possible case.

At the Klibaner Law Firm, our Denver slip and fall accident attorneys have more than three decades of experience representing people who have been injured by others’ negligence. We know how to hold negligent parties accountable, and we can help slip and fall accident victims obtain the compensation to which they are entitled.

Important Steps to Take after Slip and Fall Accidents

Taking these steps after slip and falls can help you with your financial recovery later, a Denver slip and fall attorney explains. Contact us for help obtaining compensation after slip and falls.

Taking these steps after slip and falls can help you with your financial recovery later, a Denver slip and fall attorney explains. Contact us for help obtaining compensation after slip and falls.

After slip and fall accidents, here are the most important steps to take:

  1. Get medical attention ASAP – Even if you think the fall was minor, make sure you get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. The shock of the accident can prevent you from realizing how injured you are, and having a doctor’s report detailing your condition following the accident will be crucial later.
  2. Report the accident to the appropriate party – If the slip and fall accident occurred in a retail setting, a public building or even in a work environment, be sure to tell the responsible party (e.g., a manager, building owner, etc.) about the accident. This can result in another accident report being created for the incident, and again, this report can be important later.
  3. Document what happened – As soon as reasonably possible, create your own record of what happened. Write down your version of the events, including details about the date/time/location of the accident, how the accident happened and whether there were any witnesses to the accident. Consider emailing your written account to yourself so that it is easily accessible later.
  4. Take pictures – If possible, try to take photos of the location of the accident, including any surrounding features that may have contributed to your fall. Photos can be crucial because the conditions at the accident site can change (even after a few days), and these images can help establish what the conditions were on the day you were injured.
  5. Preserve certain items – You never know what evidence can be helpful to your case, so be sure to save the shoes and clothing you wore on the day of the accident. These items may be crucial later to proving how you were injured (and possibly even how badly you were hurt).
  6. Contact an attorney ASAP – Once your health is no longer in danger, regardless of whether you are able to take any of the above steps, contacting an attorney as soon as possible will be important to protecting your rights and interests while getting you on the path to justice and compensation.

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Have you or a loved one been injured in a slip and fall accident? If so, a Denver slip and fall attorney at the Klibaner Law Firm is here for you, ready to help you with your financial recovery.

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